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March 23, 2018   

Notes & Frequently Asked Questions about
Ordering Marquee Letters & Changeable Letter Sign Accessories

  • See this clip from the SECURE CHECKOUT form. They don't make it clear on the form, but the NAME & BILLING ADDRESS you enter should match the name and address your credit card statements are mailed to.

    Address Verification Service (AVS) is a system designed by bankcard processors to aid in the detection of suspicious credit card transaction activity. AVS compares the name and billing address information (specifically, the street number or PO Box, and the zip code) entered by the purchaser with the card holder's billing address on file at the credit card issuing bank. The processing network then sends an AVS response code indicating the results of the match to the payment gateway.

    If this doesn't solve the problem, please call us.

  • Yes, we sell Gemini plastic and metal letters complete with mounting hardware and installation templates for many styles, sizes and colors -even custom logos and symbols - on our other website We can help you determine the right choices for exterior and interior applications.

    Take a look and give us a call.

  • No one is faster! Seven days a week we email shipping orders to the factories - normally the same day, but never later than the first workday after we receive your order and payment. The factories normally ship in-stock items (letter sets, acces­sories, parts) within 1-2 workdays, sometimes even the same day if the order is placed before noon.

  • See marquee-sign-products_shipping-transit-times.php for standard ground delivery times. Anytime you need expedited shipping, give us a call. We'll check to make sure the factory has your products in stock and do everything possible to get them to you when you need them.

  • The BLACK slotted letters are interchangeable.

    Wagner's RED slotted letters appear closely interchangeable in color to Gemini's RED slotted B letters on an ILLUMINATED sign background, but NOT on a non-illuminated background

    The reason is that Gemini red slotted letter set orders are manufactured as a custom order from a single batch of red plastic. Wagner slotted letter sets are picked from individual letters in stock, which may not have been molded from the same plastic batch.

  • Wagner's Zip-Change marquee sign letters, aka "Zip letters", are .060 thick at standard sizes. Gemini's Pronto marquee sign letters are .080 thick. They are the same functionally, i.e. Pronto letters work fine in Zip-Change track spaced for Zip-Change letters of the same size, and vice versa. And some Pronto letter styles & colors very closely match some Zip-Change letter styles/colors... but not exactly, because they are products of different companies.

    Pronto letters should not be enclosed in any type of vandal-proof cover as warping may occur.

    If you're ordering replacement letters for a set of letters you're already using, staying with the same brand is the better choice.

  • As of October 2014, Wagner Zip-Change no longer stocks white, blue, or green letters. Letters and punctuation are available in black only; numerals are stocked in black or red.

    Wagner will, however, quote non-stocked colors on request, and the pricing is reasonable.

  • 2" suction cups are good for 4"-6" letters; 4" suction cups are the standard for 6" through 12" letters; 7" suction cups or double 4" cups are best for 15-24" letters; a double head assembly with a 7" cup and a 4" cup work best with 24-30" letters; a double head assembly with two 7" cups is needed for 32" and larger letters.

    If you're using the configuration recommended here and having performance issues, how old is/are the suction cup(s)? They dry out and lose flexibility in 12-18 months.

  • We haven't held up an order yet, and have had no bad experiences. Most of our orders are from schools, churches, grocers, fast food franchises, and other established businesses we're familiar with. New customers are fairly easy to validate with some quick online research or a phone call.

  • Yes we do. Just call us with your order details, and we'll give you the routing information.

  • A $50.00 minimum product order, exclusive of shipping and tax, is required for each order. Multiple cart orders are separate orders and require a minimum $50.00 product order in each cart.

    (This sounds greedy on first read, but manufacturer A gives us no credit for what was ordered from manufacturer B.)

  • Like other distributors of Gemini, Inc. and Wagner Zip-Change, Inc., we are not a "stocking" distributor; your orders are shipped direct to you from manufacturers many miles away from one another. Wagner charges zone-based shipping rates, and Gemini ships UPS Ground with flat-fee shipping charges based on order value. We keep your cost down by using separate carts based on actual shipping charges.

  • We are up-front, no games, with our best changeable letter pricing 365/24/7, and we're very competitive.

    Our prices on dimensional Marquee Letters and Pronto and Zip-Change letter sets of 200 or more are discounted by at least 10%. Shipping charges are beyond our control, and we pass them on at cost.

    As for the "Discount Coupons", "Free Shipping" claims, whatever... they look great at first glance, but what's the final total (including shipping/handling) at checkout time? In most cases, offers the best customer service and lowest delivered prices on the Internet.

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